• Top 5 Road Bike Pedals

    We all buy pedals for different reasons. Some because they want to try out clipless pedals, others do so as a result of buying road bikes that have no pedals.

    And yet still, some bikers buy pedals because they want to change shoe-pedal systems. However, no matter the reason, buying road bike pedals that work smoothly is not easy, and requires careful research and analysis of the various types of pedals that are available in the market.

    Best Road Bike Pedals

    The 5 Best Road Bike Pedals I recommend

    I have checked hundreds of road bike pedals and found some of them works smoothly as per my expectation. Here are some of them I always recommend.

    Top  5 Road Bike Pedals Comparison Table

    Picture Name Type Price Ration
    Shimano SPD Dual Platform Pedal Shimano SPD Dual Platform Pedal SPD Dual $$ 4.6
    Shimano 105 PD-5700 SPD SL Pedal Shimano 105 PD-5700 SPD SL Pedal Shimano 105 PD $$ 4.7
    Shimano SPD-SL Road Bike Pedal-PD-R540 Shimano SPD-SL Road Bike Pedal-PD-R540 Shimano SPD-SL $$ 4.5
    Avenir Ultralight Pedals with Toe Clips and Straps, Black/Silver, 9/16 Inch Axle Avenir Ultra-light Pedal Table $$ 4.1
    Shimano Hybrid Pedals Shimano Hybrid Pedals Hybrid Pedals $$ 4.7
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    Shimano SPD Dual Platform Pedal

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    Shimano SPD Dual Platform PedalPrice: $$   
    Rating: 4.6

    The Shimano SPD Dual Platform road bike is priced at $50.00. I like this road bike pedal for its practicality.

    For instance, the Shimano SPD is available in black. This means that bikers don’t have to worry about ruining the colors when they are out riding.

    Furthermore, the pedals are light in weight and thus, ideal for long rides as well as commuting to and from work.

    The Shimano SPD Dual Platform road bike pedals also have much better bearings than other pedals available on the market. These features make the Shimano SPD Dual Platform one of the best road bike pedals available on the market.

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    Feature Highlights:

    • This an ideal choice for around-town cycling made by Shimano
    • SPD cleat on one side lets you clip in for longer rides, while platform side lets you hop on with regular shoes for quick rides
    • It has Chromoly spindle with steel pedal body; 383-gram weight
    • You can adjust float, entry, and release
    • Comes with limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty
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    Shimano 105 PD-5700 SPD SL Pedal

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    Shimano 105 PD-5700 SPD SL PedalPrice: $$
    Rating: 4.7
    The Shimano 105 PD comes into price ranges, $71.89 and $254.01. What I love about the Shimano 105 is the wide range of choices that a biker has when purchasing this pedal.

    For instance, bikers who love pedals that weigh more can buy the Shimano 105 PD, and those who prefer less weight can try the Shimano 105 PD that costs $254.01.

    However, no matter the price range, all Shimano 105 PD-5700 SPD SL pedals provide great performance; this should be good news to cyclists out there.

    The Shimano 105 pd-5700 spd sl pedal is made of lightweight alloy, with a stainless steel pedal plate for extra durability, and the axles are sealed cartridge units for low maintenance.

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    [highlight] Shimano 105 PD-5700 SPD SL Pedal Customer Review (Video)[/highlight]

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    These are designed to have a broad area for easy and secure feeling contact with the foot and to maximize power transfer, while the low profile is intended to reduce rider stress when cornering aggressively.

    After all, this is one of the best road bike pedal available on the market which is very well made and solid feeling. All moving parts move smoothly.

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    Feature Highlights:

    • SPD bindings ensures high performance
    • It has Extra-wide pedal platform, which ensures efficient power transfer
    • Adjustable cleat tension with indicators
    • Low-maintenance sealed-cartridge axle unit
    • Large binding target for quick engagement
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    Shimano SPD-SL Road Bike Pedal-PD-R540

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    Shimano SPD-SL Road Bike Pedal-PD-R540Price: $$
    Rating: 4.5

    The SPD-SL road bike pedal has a good large binding target, thereby making adjusting cleats.

    I specifically love the wide pedal platform offered by the SPD-SL as this makes foot-stability easy to achieve and thus, leading to better pedaling performance.

    The Shimano SPD-SL can be bought for the price of $31.00 – $90.99, and you also get Shimano SPD-SL cleats when you buy this pedal.

    This amazing road pedal comes with limited two-year manufacturer’s warranty, so you don’t need to be worried about its quality or the pedal being broken.

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    Feature Highlights:

    • Large binding target makes clipping in fast and easy
    • Large binding target for quick engagement and adjustable cleat tension with indicators; 11.6-ounce (330-gram) weight
    • The pedal is made of aluminum and chrome
    • Comes with limited two-year warranty
    • SPD-SL cleat type, includes yellow 5deg float cleats
    • Cleat-dependent float, having wide pedal platform for foot-pedal stability, and low maintenance sealed cartridge axle unit

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    Avenir Ultra-light Pedal

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    Avenir Ultra-light PedalPrice: $$
    Rating: 4.1

    The Avenir Ultra-light pedal is available in either black or silver. At the price of $21.89, you also get toe clips and straps when you buy this pedal; and the best thing about this is that you don’t have to install them as the Avenir Ultra-light pedals come with pre-installed reflectors, toe clips and straps.

    This, plus the seared bearings make the Avenir Ultra-light pedals bargain buys.

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    Feature Highlights:

    • Optimal durability
    • Years of dependable use
    • Avenir Ultralight pedals
    • Weigh: 280 grams
    • Pre-installed with toe clips, straps, and reflectors
    • Sealed bearings and full alloy construction

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    Shimano Hybrid Pedals

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    Shimano Hybrid PedalsPrice: $$
    Rating: 4.7

    I just love the Shimano Hybrid road bike pedals. They provide bikers with a lot of flexibility as they are flat on one side.

    Shimano Hybrid road bike pedals can be used as platform pedals and clipless pedals at the same time. This is ideal for all bikers no matter what type of pedals they prefer.

    Shimano Hybrid pedals can be used for various biking events, whether tours or even commuting. Priced just over $50.40, Shimano Hybrid pedals offer quality at a reasonable price.

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    Feature Highlights:

    • Combination clip/clipless pedals ideal for multipurpose use
    • Fully featured SPD-specific clip interface on 1 side of pedals
    • Other side features standard platform for use with street shoes
    • Aluminum body with barrel finish; cleat retention adjuster
    • Includes pair of 2-bolt cleats; pedals weigh 1.17 pounds total

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    Types of Pedals

    You need to know these basic things about road bike pedals before going for research for your own.

    Clipless: Clipless pedals work through a system that puts a small plastic or metal cleat on the sole of a biker’s shoe. This cleat is responsible for setting up spring clips on the pedal of a road bike.

    Clipless pedals are especially efficient when it comes to maximum energy efficiency when pedaling, safety (as the pedals prevent bikers’ feet from bouncing off the pedal when riding on bumpy roads), and they give the biker more control when performing various techniques that need a lot of expertise.

    Flat: These are the traditional pedals that people have used for many years. They are designed for all footwear and are made from materials such as rubber and hard plastic.

    The advantages of flat pedals are that they are easy to use, don’t hold the biker to the road bike and accept all kinds of footwear.

    Factors to Consider when buying Pedals

    There are several factors that one has to consider before purchasing road bike pedals. These include:

    • Axle: always buy pedals that have strong axles as they ensure safety for the biker when riding. Good axles also give good support to the bearings that support the pedal.
    • Cleat support: you should ensure that the pedal you’re purchasing offers adequate support to the cleat. Check the cleat to make sure that it is supported in the middle of the pedal. Well supported cleats provide solid foundations for biking shoes as well as providing stability for the feet.
    • Seals: buy pedals that have seals. Seal-less pedals are susceptible to bad weather conditions such as the snow, road grime and floods. Pedals with seals are provided protection from bad conditions and tend to last longer. Seals also prolong the durability of bearings.
    • Fastening interface: Good pedals have a fastening or locking interface. This interface provides securing services to the pedal by attaching the cleat to it. Pedals with no locking interface should be avoided at all costs.

    It’s Your Turn

    The above are the 5 best road bike pedals available on the market at the moment. Choosing one of these pedals will definitely enhance your biking experience and bring more meaningful events into your life.

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