• 14 Awesome Vintage and Retro Bike Lights

    If you like these new vintage bikes or you’re already a proud owner of one, you would like to have appropriate retro bike lights which visually fit to your bike’s look. However, you’re aware of all advantages of new technologies so instead of these old dynamo powered dimming incandescent lights you will like something which features the latest in bike light technology, improving your safety and night riding comfort.

    Good news is that many bike equipment manufacturers consider the vintage bike revolution and many models of vintage bike lights are already in the market. The latest technology such as high power light emitting diodes and a very convenient lithium ion batteries are now widely available in retro light casings made to appeal even to those most enthusiastic with vintage bicycle looks.

    Although vintage bikes and related equipment are lifestyle items often sold for premium prices, vintage bike lights are no more expensive than modern looking bike lights. Technology is the same as in modern bike lights, it’s just the case that is different.

    1. Goodkssop 180lm Vintage Retro Chrome Bicycle Bike LED Headlight

    Vintage bike lights are usually installed just to look great on a bike and to make you seen by other people in the dark, but this one allows you to see in front of you, too. The light’s case is not some cheap plastic with chrome-resembling enamel coating, it’s actual chrome metal. This neutral silver color will make it look great on any retro bike.


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    Its main disadvantage is its source of power. It is not rechargeable and uses 3 x AAA batteries instead. We strongly recommend you buy rechargeable AAA batteries for it which will save you money and protect the environment from excess battery disposal. You will, however, forget about that fact when you see its price. It’s not easy to find a bright headlight in a quality metal case for this little.

    2. England Vintage Bike Copper Color LED Headlight

    Bullet design is the most common choice when it comes to retro bike lights, since it resembles various retro vehicles, from bicycles, through motorbikes to classic cars. Another option which features this bullet design is this black-and-copper red headlight. Fully enclosed durable metal case can qualify it as waterproof. This light requires only two AA batteries in order to power its seven white LEDs.

    vintage bike lights

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    This light will not give a really long lasting light owing to the fact it uses only two batteries, but if you buy just two rechargeable batteries your vintage bike will get a steady and environment-friendly source of light at a very low price.

    3. Red Bullet Bike Bicycle Tail Light

    If you want a vintage bike light which is useful, but the retro design is still more important to you, this one is absolutely perfect with its Fresnel refractive (multi-faceted) lens. Albeit today’s headlights in bicycles as well as in any other vehicles use reflector housing with a clear lens, this one did not want to yield to today’s lens standards.

    red bullet vinatge bike light

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    However, behind the ribbed lens are three very powerful LED lights which gives off a high-quality snow white light beam and three flashing modes. Requires three AAA batteries which are not included in the package. This light packed in high-quality chrome casing offers 160 degree of view angle and can illuminate your ways at night if you ride carefully. This light gives you features of any modern LED headlight while emphasizing retro looks of your beautiful vintage ride. All for an amazingly low price.

    4. Chinatera Retro Bicycle Headlight Bike Accessory

    When you buy a bullet-designed retro bike light, what you usually get is just a headlight. Luckily, there are vintage bike tail lights as well. And this one sports a bullet design idea, too. Tail lights do not need to illuminate the area for the rider, but just to signal to other persons in the traffic, and are made to illuminate moderately. Thanks to the fact, only one AAA battery is enough to power one bullet. The best is to get two such bullets and install one per each side of the read wheel hub. It may not be the cheapest solution but road riding at night requires making no compromises when it comes to visibility.


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    The core reason why it’s not the cheapest option around is its polished alloy case. Another reason it really delivers enough light towards any direction. At night, everyone will be able to see you from great distances, while at day it will make your vintage bike look even more classy.

    5. Cycle Torch Light Bolt – USB Rechargeable Bike Tail Light

    If the aforementioned bullet light is still something too pricy for you or you just don’t need a lamp with such a glossy case, there comes a minimalistic solution from Cycle Torch, a renowned specialist bike light brand. The Cycle Torch Light Bolt is extremely powerful tiny tail vintage bike light which does not require additional batteries. Instead, it can be charged anytime via a USB cord which is included in the package.


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    And the great story about this light doesn’t end here. It is also waterproof, extremely easy to attach to any bike via a flexible belt. It is equally easy to remove the light as well so you can carry it with yourself to protect it from theft. Not from precipitation, as its black alloy case is fully water, dust and shock resistant. Despite all these great features, this light is very affordable. It is clearly the best vintage bike tail light for most users. This discreet lamp will even fit to your mountain bike or your kid’s bike and will perfectly fit to any of these both technically and visually.

    6. XECCON SPIKER 1206 Bike Bicycle Front Head Light 1200 Lumen

    Perhaps you’re interested in high-end, high-performance retro solutions. Xeccon Spiker 1206 is an one-size-fits-all high end solution for both vintage and modern bikes. Inside a very solid and firm metal casing which is waterproof and dyed red is an extremely bright 1200 lumen light. It is as strong as lights in some motorcycles, but you don’t need to worry about its power source. There is a mighty 4400mAh rechargeable battery offering 4 hours of lighting under the brightest setting.


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    Another feature which explains this headlight’s price is its light sensor mode. Depending on the strength of environmental light, this lamp will automatically adjust its brightness, just like the backlight in modern mobile phones. Besides lifetime warranty on LED light, there is a 2-year warranty on the battery, a rare thing among bike lights, especially vintage ones. Although this is not just an absolutely vintage light, it will look perfectly on a vintage bike’s handlebars.

    7. Sport DirectTM Bicycle Bike Secu Sport Dynamo Front Light 25 Lux

    This SportDirect retro bike light offers a completely different approach to vintage bike illumination. It is not just the lamp’s design which is retro, there is a dynamo, too. But instead of an inefficient and dimly incandescent bulb, the dynamo will power a brighter and more durable halogen light. The reflector cone is tailored to distribute all the light ideally for your positioning in the dark, and you will be able to see some obstacles in front of you. This may not be the brightest light in the market, but its light is comparable to some high-end LED lamps.


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    This stainless steel metal case is an ideal choice for anyone looking for an environmentally friendly solution in the first place, since there are no batteries which would need to be disposed of.

    8. Sportsun Usb Rechargeable Led Bike Light Set-Bike Headlight/Taillight Combination

    For some riders, lights are just a hassle, a necessity which should not be anything complex nor be too visible on a retro bike. If you have a retro fixie with vivid colors, bulky lights like those above will just ruin its perfect look. If lights are still a must for your riding needs and lifestyle, you can resort to this set of head and tail lights which both have a chrome look rim around the source of light – a feature which clearly appeals to vintage bike riders.


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    Do not be tricked with the very small size of each light, as the developers managed to find enough space for the battery, USB charging port and three quite bright LEDs in each lamps. The headlight may not be powerful enough to allow you a fast ride in gloomy areas, but you will surely be seen by anyone in front of and behind you.

    9. Braitor Rechargeable LED Light

    This parallel light’s simplistic look will be sure to do its duty and give your bike that simple style you’re looking for. I like the slim design of this light, which gives it the ability to blend right into the seat post and look like it is part of your bike.

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    There are 5 different modes that will be sure to fulfill any need you might have. The design of the light allows for a greater degree of visibility continuing your ensured safety as you ride. Just be sure to avoid using the blue and red setting on this light since those lights are mainly used for emergency vehicles (who knows, maybe it’ll come in handy one day).

    A rechargeable battery saves you money and I really like how you’re still able to rid yourself of all of the wire clutter.

    10. Retro LED Metal Waterproof light

    This is definitely one of the more authentic vintage lights with its all metal design. It may be a little heavy, but depending on your environment, it is worth it.

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    The description claims a waterproof design, but I wouldn’t expect much versatility from it . It seems to have a plastic on/off switch, which are notoriously difficult to waterproof. Good news is that it looks great and actually does a great job at giving a lot of light since it uses an LED!

    11. Dynamo Classic Retro

    This kind of light would look great on a beach cruiser. A true classic feel seems to radiate from this particular model.

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    Its large chrome casing and the hood come together to transport you to a world in the past. You’ll need a 9V battery to power this beast of a light.

    12. Retrospec Vintage Bullet with Chrome Accent & LEDs

    This light is a real throwback to those groovy times. With the multiples colors this light offers (red, black, green, chrome, pink), there’s sure to be something that rides just right with you.

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    It comes with 2 basic modes (steady or flashing). Since it is made of plastic, it is a much cheaper alternative to those made of metal. You’ll need 4 AAA batteries to power this light. On the bright side, that means you won’t have to deal with any pesky wires and you’ll keep that simple vintage look for your bike.

    13. Aokay Waterproof Tail light

    This is another light that can be attached to your seat post or handlebars (or anywhere else you can fit it). This also comes with a variety of awesome colors for a cheap price! This looks like a foolproof design that can definitely survive rainy days.

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    I really like this light since it seems to last for a good 20 hours and it is USB rechargeable. This is chea enough that you could get a few of them and still have spent less than you would on some of the above lights described.

    There are 4 different modes (high, low, slow and fast blinking), which cover all the different options you could possibly want!

    14. Retro Class Bullet LED

    This isn’t that much different from the other bullet lights discussed above, it just offers more colors (black, chrome, white).

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    It does a glossy look to it as compared to the other bullet lights which have more of a matte style. Mind the slow shipping speed on this one!


    Your vintage bike has certainly got enough light options from what can be found on Amazon. All these took advantage from modern technology which is packed in old-fashioned designs. All 14 of these vintage bike light options have certain differences which appeal to different needs of vintage bike riders, but all these share the same idea – that even retro bikes need to be properly illuminated allowing riders to see and be seen while riding in the dark

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