• Schwinn Men’s Phocus 1400 700c Drop Bar Road Bicycle Review

    For a long time I searched for a road bike that meets my needs, comfort, speed and affordability. I still remember how excited I was when I first saw the Schwinn men’s phocus 1400 700C drop bar road bike.

    There must be someone else out there who is also searching for a good road bike and that is the reason why I decided to share this Schwinn Men’s Phocus 1400 700c Drop Bar Road Bicycle Review with you.

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    King of Comfort

    As mentioned earlier, one of the features I was looking for in a bike was comfort. When I found an 18-inch Schwinn men’s phocus, I knew that was the bike for me.

    Putting it together was very easy. The saddle has a quick release which makes adjusting its height very easy. I have been riding it for about a month now and my experience with it has been amazing so far.

    Multi – Purpose Bike

    There are so many ways in which you can use this bike. Whether you are going to work, or racing or riding as an exercise, this bike got you covered.

    It also comes in handy if you are going to ride along a narrow path. I personally use it as a work out tool. I ride in the evenings after work. I am also able to relax after a long day’s work. I also have a friend who bought it for racing because of its speed, it’s suitable for racing too!

    Great Drive Train

    To begin with, this bike has 14 speed. It features Shimano front and rear derailleur. After studying the bicycle industry, I learned that a bike with Shimano parts is one to go for.

    The Schwinn men’s Phocus 1400 700C drop bar features A050 shifters, which ensure quick and smooth gear shifting.

    Smooth gear shifting is necessary, especially if you are going to use the bike for climbing mountains. The alloy caliper brakes on this bike give it great stopping power. This bike’s drive train is also very responsive, and its front wheel is a quick release.

    Wheels and Rims : High Profile Alloy

    This bike features high profile alloy rims. You see, when you have an alloy, you combine properties of two metals, which result in a metal with better properties.

    Due to this, the wheels have a high strength. The rims have paired spokes and the whole wheel set-up is strong and light.

    Great Bargain

    For about $291.04 (Discount Link – You can buy this at cheap now!), this Schwinn men’s phocus 1400 700c road bike can be yours. Depending on where you buy it, you can get fast and free shipping.

    This bike has an aluminum frame with a rigid fork. It is believed that aluminum bikes can be quite pricey. This is just a myth because this bike is very affordable.

    Other Specifications

    • Frame: aluminum frames
    • Rear derailleur: A050 Shimano shifters, 14 speed
    • Crank set: SR Suntour alloy crank offering a wide gear range.
    • Rims: high profile alloy rims
    • Brakes: alloy caliper offering great barking power
    • Weight: 39.8lbs


    First off, it’s a comfortable bike. It is also very affordable, especially if you are on a tight budget. Being an aluminum bike, it is light in weight, which enables faster riding and easier transportation.

    This bike is also good looking; I got compliments from a couple of my friends and other cyclists too.


    I experienced some difficulties in tuning the gears. Other than that, I was able to put it together and get it on the road.


    For beginners, this is a bike to try out. If you are learning how to ride on hills, you should start with this bike as you will learn how to use the gears and control its speed.

    Its excellent price is another factor that I would tell you about. You can leave a comment on this review.

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